The Zcore7 Network

Something amazing is about to happen...

Zcore7 Website
-- A technology and video game news resource and community. All posts are automatically imported via RSS feeds with links back to the source for your convenience.
ShaunDJ's Blog
-- Updates on myself, the life, codes and gossip of an adamant technological engineer and business administration student.
Fan Author Website
-- I'm fixin' to prepare some fan fictions.
Tech. Board App Website
-- Your technology questions will be answered as I rant on about the latest and greatest technology that was featured on the Zcore7 website.
Dojo Game App (Projects Pending)
-- The main event of this network in which updates to our game developments will be posted and released.
YouTube Channel
-- I'm planning to school the world in Yugioh! Master Duel...once I get my deck right, more like real life. The heart is in the cards, right?.